Supligen Max

Supligen, a beloved Jamaican brand, continues to impress with its innovative offerings. After introducing exciting flavors like Coffee and Cookies & Cream, they came back with their newest creation, Supligen Max. This bold drink combines the beloved original Supligen taste with the streetwise allure of Stout. To ensure its success, Supligen needed to not only craft a masterpiece but also execute a stellar product launch and promotion.

With a deep understanding of the brand's heritage and appeal, Adlib Studios crafted a captivating campaign that resonated with consumers. We created a visually stunning and emotionally impactful set of collateral which showcased the nourishing and energizing qualities of Supligen Max, effectively conveying its position as a trusted and essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Through innovative storytelling and relatable messaging, the creative approach has not only heightened brand awareness but also strengthened customer loyalty.